Welcome to Amy Louise Art


My name is Amy, and I’m from the suburbs Portland, OR. I am married and have the coolest daughter in the world. I create many kinds of art including commissioned charcoal portraits on canvas, mixed media, acrylic paintings, collage and jewelry. I am a teacher of art as well and am passionate about helping others to find their greatest joy in creating, whether that is by learning to create what you see with your eyes or with your inner, Higher Self.

It was during a month-long Artist in Residence and yoga retreat at the Ananda Center Laurelwood that I was introduced to Awakening Arts. I loved it so much that I flew to Italy 2 months later and stayed for 3 months taking the Awakening Arts Academy’s ‘Transformative Arts Certification’ program. I returned from Italy 6 months ago and am deeply honored to have the opportunity teach.

I have consciously cultivated creativity at various times in my life, but most specifically while leading Artist Way (a course for creative recovery by Julia Cameron) groups. I knew that I wasn’t alone in feeling blocked and creatively frustrated and I learned something new every time a retook the course. However, it wasn’t until I found Awakening Arts that I learned to get out of my head, get away from beliefs and judgements and just move. I learned, as I physically move my body, with or without music, I am moving energy and that same energy is either going to bounce around inside me or I can let it out! How I let it out may be color on paper, singing and movement, building a sculpture or any number of the billions of ways to express creativity. I am not the creator, simply a channel. My intent as a teacher of these Awakening Arts is to listen more than I speak, to be present and available to what the moment has to offer and keep my heart open.